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Karl Pearson Institute provides a wide range of solutions to its clients in different industries with its expertise in Statistics and Analytics. Karl Pearson Institute offers consulting services and Analytics implementation solutions across industries. Karl Pearson Institute has a very strong global consulting practice in the domain of Quality management, Reliability engineering, Statistical Process Control, Operations Research, Design of experiments and Six Sigma. Analytics consulting practice offers a wide range of Analytics solutions in the domain of Industrial Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Human Capital Analytics and Operational Analytics.


Karl Pearson Institute offers solutions in Statistical Process Control, Operations Research, Process Capability studies, Six Sigma Implementation, Design of Experiments and Process Analytics for manufacturing industries. Karl Pearson Institute has helped its clients around the globe to improve their manufacturing practices in industries like Automobiles, Aerospace, Electrical and Electronics, Iron and Steel, Footwear and Leather, Garments and Textiles, Chemicals and Paints, Food processing and heavy engineering. Karl Pearson Institute Consultants, have helped our clients to significantly reduce defects, scrap rework, processing time, equipment downtime and costs. Our consultants have designed customized solutions to our clients in different industries and have deployed process improvement programs from design to maturity. Karl Pearson Institute’s Analytics division has successfully implemented analytical solutions to predict demand, plant capacity, improve operational efficiency, reduce risks and increase the reliability in manufacturing processes.