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Statistics and Analytics has played a tremendous role in Food industry as a whole. Analytics helps in identifying the impact of the ingredients on the quality and the taste of food and helps in new product development based on the customer purchasing trends. Sensory methods are used to determine whether the customer is able to identify the differences between an existing food formulation and the new proposed formulation. In the modern world, food delivery from the restaurant to the customer doorstep has been given the major focus. Timely delivery being the key differentiator, data such as the distance, delivery route, traffic, climate etc., play a major role. Data Scientists at Karl Pearson Institute helps food & beverage companies by analyzing big data and provided best possible solutions. Advanced statistical tools help to distinguish between the original product and fake ones by analyzing whether the product has the composition as mentioned in the ingredients list or whether it comes from the region as mentioned. Our team uses various statistical methods to understand the trends and customer preferences and helps companies to provide the experience to its customers.