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Automobile industry uses the Statistics and Analytics in most innovative and state of the art technologies. Electric vehicles are an evolutionary step in fighting the climate change and in the path of Sustainability. Connectivity in cars are in whole new level where one is able to monitor not only the speed and fuel but also the locations, routes, break wear and tire pressure in their smart phones, all these data generated with the aid of technology is being utilized through data analytics for improving the quality, safety and reliability of the products. Statistics and Data Analytics also provides the manufacturer with vehicle performance patterns to develop predictive robust cognitive maintenance schedule. The other major mile stone in automotive industry is the networked parking and traffic systems where customers can identify the parking spaces based on the traffic for their utmost convenience. Automobile manufacturing has been historically adopting statistical quality control, six sigma and other operations research methods to improve their processes, increase reliability and reduce cost. Automobile industry has one of the most complex yet robust supply chain systems which uses data analytics for optimization and improvement. Karl Pearson Institute (KPI) provides statistics and Analytics based solutions and consulting services to Automobile industry in areas of Operations management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), reliability, quality improvement and safety.