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Aviation industry has access to large volumes of data and analyzing it well and finding the critical issues to address is their major goal. This has been done quite well from Real time analytics to optimize the flight schedules, fleet management and crew allocation. Revenue management comprehensively have used statistics and data analytics to determine the most desired air routes, willingness to pay, day before departure, Expected Marginal Seat Revenue (EMSR) and Specific fare class (FC) all to maximize the revenues. Air safety and airline maintenance is another critical process where it is challenging to adhere to the guidelines without delaying and cancelling the flights. Applying data analytics has become very handy to manage the fleet and provide the world-class service. Fuel efficiency is another major area where 33 percent of operating cost is spent. Airlines use machine learning comprising data from route distance, altitudes, aircraft type and weight to weather for optimizing the fuel required. Karl Pearson Institute (KPI) provides consulting services by leveraging Statistics and Analytics in areas like Revenue Management, Fleet Management, Fuel Efficiency and improving Safety and Reliability.