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Descriptive Statistics and Analytics has been historically helpful in strategic decision making in defense applications. At present, predictive analytics also plays a major role in Defense applications. Readiness planning in Defense through high level diagnostics considering the impacting factors such as personnel, training, equipment and host of other factors are analyzed precisely to take the right decision. Statistics and Analytics is extensively used in Logistics Planning where Data abstraction layer is most common technique on how varying one factor influences the other factors in operation. For example: How effectively we can balance the manpower with maintenance and execution planning. Military intelligence is another crucial and sensitive area of applying the advanced analytics method. Unstructured data such as call chatter and video images were not put into use earlier. But with today’s technique such as hypothesis based testing, both structured and unstructured data has vastly been used to determine the safety and security such as convoy routes, ammunitions transportation etc. Karl Pearson Institute (KPI) provides advanced Statistical and Analytical solutions to Defense Planning, Deployment and Defense Manufacturing.