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Karl Pearson Institute (KPI)

Karl Pearson Institute (κρτ) is a Statistics and Analytics research organization headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Karl Pearson Institute (κρτ) is focused in the fields of Statistics and Analytics inspired by the great works of Karl Pearson, the father of modern statistics. Karl Pearson Institute (κρτ) is a repository of world class knowledge and wisdom contributed by the best minds in the field of Statistics and Analytics. Karl Pearson Institute (κρτ) operates across the globe in more than 80 countries through its vast network of affiliates and partner organizations. Karl Pearson Institute (κρτ) offers world class Trainings, certifications and consulting services across the Globe.

Our Aim

Enriching and Inspiring the society through the works and contributions of Karl Pearson.

Our Vision:

Karl Pearson Institute (κρτ) will endeavor to be the ultimate source of knowledge on Statistics and Analytics enabling society to function better in the path of development and contribute towards realizing the greater good for mankind.

Our Mission:

To provide the tools, techniques and knowledge in the field of statistics and Analytics for solving problems and developing new solutions for human welfare.

About Our Logo

Inspired by the contributions of Karl Pearson and his words:
“When every fact, every present or past phenomenon of that universe, every phase of life therein has been examined, classified and coordinated with the rest, then the mission of science will be completed. What is this but saying that the task of science can never end till man ceases to be, till history is no longer made and development itself ceases?”
The infinity in our logo signifies the never ending idea of the universe with Karl Pearson’s philosophy as our core, incorporating and representing the κρτ. Kappa is related to the first order functions, connectivity in relation to the graph and to denote the decimal, entity as such. The utility of the kappa varies in accordance with its type of application. Rho for the iconic representation of the Pearson correlation coefficient for population, which tells about relationship between two variables and comprising values between -1 to +1. Tau is used to signify life also denoting the works of Karl Pearson in the fields of Biometrics and Eugenics explaining the contribution of Mathematics to the Theory of Evolution. Also these Kappa, Rho and Tau are used to symbolize the acronym of Karl Pearson Institute – κρτ.

Karl Pearson Institute

"Statistics is the Grammar of Science."

- Karl Pearson

About Karl Pearson

Karl Pearson a British Mathematician and Biostatistician establishing the discipline of Statistics.

Founder of world’s first University Statistics department in University College London in 1911.

He was the protégé and biographer of Sir Francis Galton.

He was also the proponent of Social Darwinism and Eugenics inspired and influenced by his mentor Sir Galton.

Karl Pearson
Father of Modern Statistics

Karl Pearson


Mathematician and Biostatistician

Karl Pearson
Father of Modern Statistics

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