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KPI Certified Associate in Analytics (CAA)
Basic Information:

The International Society for Statistical Research and Analytics (ISSRA) and Karl Pearson Institute (KPI) Alliance Certified Associate in Analytics (CAA) for all professionals are aimed at providing Intermediary Level proficiency and knowledge in Analytical tools that can be deployed across all industries.

These Analytical certifications provide a very strong fundamental knowledge and skills to any professional who aspires to add these credentials to their resume.


Certified Associate in Analytics (CAA) Certification Exam consists of 100 Questions, 2 hours exam; Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to assess the candidate’s understanding of the CAA body of knowledge.

Candidates are required to score minimum 70% to pass the Examination

Candidate Eligibility Requirements:

Certified Associate in Analytics (CAA) does not have any prerequisites or Qualifications. Anyone who can demonstrate their knowledge and competency in the fundamentals of Analytics can apply for the Certification.

Recertification Requirements:

Certified Associate in Analytics (CAA) is a lifetime certification it does not have any recertification requirements.

Body of Knowledge:

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